What form of payment do you accept? 
Visa, MC, American Express, Discover, Cash app $SparkleDivineSpaBus, Stripe

What areas do you service? We service Metro Detroit Michigan. 

What is needed to book a party? 
A $100 non-refundable credit card deposit must be paid to SparkleDivine to secure your party date/time. An invoice with the remaining Balance is due 5 days before your party and will be sent to the email that you used when you booked your deposit. We do not accept personal checks.

Are deposits refundable? All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. We only allow them the be transferred to another day up to a year from the date of the canceled party.



Why is everything listed for $100? 
The $100 price on our site is the non-refundable deposit. You will need to pay that to secure your date and time. The full price of the party is next to the name of the party. Remaining amount will not be due until 5 days before event. In which we will send you an invoice to pay.

Do I need to stay at the party? Due to limited space, we ask that you do not stay on the bus unless you are receiving services; however, frequent check-ins are fine. 

Where will you park the bus? As close to your location as possible. You are responsible for securing parking space and getting a parking permit (if needed).

What do I need to do to prepare for party?Please have all nail polish removed from hands and feet to save valuable party time. We also will need all parents of attendees to sign our concent form which will be texted to the parent who booked the party. We will not be able to service a child who does not have a form signed from parent. Lastly, we encourage all guests to arrive on time to have the full Pamper experience.

How long does the party last? All parties are approximately 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours long depending on your selected party package and number of guests. We require 30 minutes set-up time before each party and approximately 15 minutes for clean-up after the party. Our parties operate according to a set schedule; therefore, all parties must start and end on time (weather permitting). Under no circumstances will we be able to wait for latecomers. They are able to join in at the point of the party’s progression when they arrive.

Can I add additional guest? All of our parties right now includes 8 guest. We can add up to 2 more guest for $50 per person.

What type of polish is used? Sparkle Divine aims to offer the best products and services. We now primarily use GEL polish. It will last much longer, dries quick and we can guarantee that no child will get off bus with messed up nails. We have regular nail polish as well. Host of party must VERBALLY notify us if they would like for us to use that instead. However, all polish that we use is chemical free and non-toxic products. 

Do you use real make-up? SparkleDivineSpaBus party are for entertainment purposes only. We exercise special care in being sanitary and using mild kid-friendly products that are especially sensitive to young skin. Although, we make no claims of being licensed professional technicians, cosmetologists or estheticians. Therefore, we take no responsibility for any allergic reactions of any party guest. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian hosting the party to alert SparkleDivine in advance of any allergies that any of the children may have. SparkleDivine reserves the right to refuse services on any child, for any reason, that we feel may impose a health risk to others.

What happens to pictures taken at a party? All photos taken by SparkleDivine during your party are solely the property of SparkleDivine, Spa & Celebrations and may possibly be used by SparkleDivine for advertising purposes. All photos are also provided to the host digitally within 24 hours after your party.

What if it rains the day of party? Rain, sleet, or snow….. We will be there! If we have to cancel due to inclement weather, you are allowed to reschedule at a later date of your choice based on availability

What if all the guest don't show up for the party? You are responsible to pay for all confirmed number of girls attending (example: booked a party for 8 girls but only 4 showed up you still have to pay for 8).

What if a child has allergies to food or products used for activities? SparkleDivine LLC is not responsible for any allergic reactions as a result of our products and services. All guests are asked to provide any and all allergy information before the day of your event to our staff. Your child may have a makeup application with the use of eye shadow, blush and/or lip gloss and/or lip tint. The use of hair accessories (braids, bows, clip on extensions, etc.), party props, clothing, etc. will be used during each party. Your child will be receiving a mini manicure and pedicure services (no cutting or filing of nails or cuticles) including, but not limited to, foot baths, polishing scrubs, scented lotions, etc. Your child may also do a spa facial with cucumbers and/or moisturizers. Please note: All services are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

What happens if my child has an accident or gets hurt during the party? During the event, your child may be going up and down steps to get in and out of the bus. SparkleDivineSpaBus, LLC is not responsible for any damages, accidents or injuries that may occur while under our supervision.

Do you transport children on the bus? We come to your location and do not drive the bus during a party.

Is there a restroom on the bus? There is not.

Please note* A Travel Fee will be automatically added to your booking based on the distance from us to you. Zip code we are based in is 48184. The Travel Fee will be based on the following distance increments:

20 Miles or less – No Fee
21-35 Miles – $25.00 Additional
36-45 Miles – $50.00 Additional
46-55 Miles – $75.00 Additional